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For black tea: Since black tea is still in the fermentation process before drying, for black tea, the first step is to evaporate the water in the tea, and then destroy the enzyme activity by high temperature, so that the tea leaves stop oxidative fermentation, and the quality of the black tea is maintained. At the same time, it also exudes the smell of grass and tightens the tea leaves to make the tea more beautiful and full of aroma.

For green tea: The drying of green tea is usually to evaporate the moisture in the tea leaves, so that the tea leaves are tightened and shaped, more compact, and the green grass flavor is exuded to enhance the aroma of green tea. At present, the common drying processes are: sun drying, hot air drying, baking cage drying and frying machine drying.

1. Sun drying

Mainly distributed in a small part of China's Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunan, Guizhou and other provinces. Sun drying green tea is best known of the production of Yunnan Pu'er tea. It is usually placed on a bamboo sieve tray, and then placed in the sun to let the sun dry the tea leaves. It usually take a long time. Advantage: By sun drying, the beneficial substances in the tea are greatly retained, and the taste of the tea is more refreshing. Disadvantage: The drying time is long, and high requirements on the weather. If it encounters rainy days, it must be dried in other ways.


2. Hot air drying

It is currently the world's most widely used and highest proportion tea drying method. There are a variety of machines available for hot air drying, rotary hot air drying machine, continuous chain plate hot air drying machine.


2-1 Rotary type hot air tea drying machine

The intelligent electric heating rotary drying machine adopts a new generation of intelligent integrated control panel, which allows the dryers heat up quickly, high temperature control, uniform wind output, lower noise, stable tea dehydration. And the color of tea leaves unchanged, fragrance foot, without breaking. The rotary drying design and unique air duct design are adopted to ensure the uniformity of each layer of dring. Combined with high-strength electric heating wires, high-sealing sealing strips and a new generation of new enviromentally friendly thermal insulation materials, the internal temperautre of the machine is less lost, which is more enerygy-saving and enviromentally friendly. It is a mecessary equipment for producing all kinds of high-end tea. Advantage: Rotary drying, drying more evenly, smooth dehydration of tea, almost no change in color. Compared with the continuous drying machine, the tea leaves are always on the trays, so the breakage rate is low, and the tea soup brewed is clear and the taste is refreshing. Disadvantage: Insufficient output, can put 3kg/㎡, the maximum drying area can be 34㎡ (100kg of wet tea per batch), the finished tea strips are loose and large.

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2-2 Continuous chain plate hot air drying machine

The chain plate firewood heating drying machine is suitable for continuous tea production line, which greatly saves labor costs. Using 6mm thick super alloy steel plate and efficient heat exchange device, the heat loss is small. The machine heats up quickly, and the tea leaves have no odor. With the high-power and large-volume motor, it can quickly discharge the hot and humid air inside the machine. At the same time, it has a hot air circulation device, which can effectively reduce the temperature change inside the machine and greatly save fuel costs. Advantage: Continuous drying, large air volume, labor saving, high efficiency and various heating methods can be selected. The brewed tea leaves are clear and refreshing. Disadvantage: Tea leaves are easily broken, and the integrity rate is not as good as the rotary drying machine. Covers a large area (small machine covers a small area), the finished tea strip are loose and large.

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3. Baking cage drying

The baking cage is made of bamboo, pure natural material, no pollution to the tea, and the temperature is adjustable, which can retain the nutrients in the tea. Low temperature drying, the taste of the tea is light and fragrant, high temperature drying, the taste of the tea is more concentrated. Advantage: The small size is suitable for the processing of various types of tea, and is also suitable for home DIY and DIY in the tourist area. Disadvantages: Low output, not suitable for the production of large quantities of tea, it is necessary to pay attention to moisture, to prevent bamboo cage from being damp and moldy.


4. Revloving dryer machine drying

The revolving dryer machine is suitable for all kinds of tea fixation and stir-drying operations. After processing by this machine, the tea leaves are bright in color, full-bodied, and have a unique burnt scent (fire scent). The strip is tight and the tea leaves are slightly curled, making them ideal for the production and processing of high-quality tea leaves. Advantages: The tea strips are firm, resistant to brewing, and the dry tea has a long-lasting fragrance. The brewed tea soup has a strong color, a heavy taste, and a sweet aftertaste. Disadvantages: The color of the finished tea is darker. Because it is fried and dried, the temperature is not easy to master. The tea is easy to paste and has a burnt smell (non-burnt fragrance)

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