We can provide complete sets of tea processing machines, for small orthodox tea factory, for large black/green tea continuous processing line, for CTC processing line, click the corresponding image for more information.

China Quanzhou Deli Agroforestrial Machinery Co., Ltd. manufacturer
China Quanzhou Deli Agroforestrial Machinery Co., Ltd. manufacturer

Quanzhou Deli Agroforestrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

Established in 2003,Quanzhou Deli Agroforestrial Machinery Co.,Ltd integrating development and production together, located in the hometown of Oolong tea --Quanzhou City,specializing in manufacturing and marketing Tea Manufacturing Machines, such as Tea Harvester , Tea Pruning Machine, Tea Withering Machine,  Tea Fixation Machine, Tea Rolling Machine, Tea Fermentation Machine, Tea Dryer Machine, Tea Sorter, Tea Packing Machine,  ,totally more than 30 varieties in five major categories. Our company has "Deli Assistant" brand, after decades of operation and development, it has been highly recognized by customers in the United States, Russia, Canada, Georgia, Turkey, Peru, India and other countries, in Russia, Georgia, India, Vietnam, Peru and Turkey, we have offices that provide fast and high quality service to local customers.
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Quanzhou Deli Agroforestrial Machinery Co., Ltd has 3 workshops, established tea garden management equipment workshop in 2003, established tea processing equipment workshop in 2008, and in 2015, we set up a production workshop for packaging equipment, we are committed to becoming a global leader in tea equipment