Plastic Tea Pouch Continuous Band Heat Sealer DL-6CFR-900

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Plastic Tea Pouch Continuous Band Heat Sealer DL-6CFR-900

DL-6CFR-900 heat sealer machine usually sealing and packing tea pouch bags, it can continuous sealing with print date.

  • Model : DL-6CFR-900
  • Size : 60×35×32cm
  • Power : 500W
  • Sealing Speed : 0-12 m/minute
  • Sealing Width : 6-12mm
  • Sealing Temp : 30-300℃
  • Sealing Length : Unlimited
  • Print Quantity : ≤39 words
  • Weight : 15kgs
  • Product Details

The manual continuous band sealer adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic conveying device. It can make various plastic film bags of different shapes. It can be used in various packaging lines. The sealing length is not limited. It has high sealing efficiency and reliable sealing quality. Features such as reasonable structure and convenient operation.
Plastic pouch sealing machine is equipped with a printing setting, and it can also directly print the factory date, batch number, expiration date, etc. while sealing. The sealing and printing can be completed at one time, and the date number can be changed at will, which is convenient and efficient to use.


1. Can seal a variety of materials, such as plastic bags, nylon bags, etc.;
2. Adjustable speed, unlimited sealing length;
3. The temperature is adjustable to meet the sealing requirements of various materials;
4. With date printing function, convenient and quick;
5. Automatic clamping and feeding, higher efficiency.


Continuous band sealer is suitable for packing all kind tea in plastic tea pouch, the following is the working time required for different kind bags.

 Type Of Bag  Temperature
 Plastic Bag  130 ℃
 Filter Paper  160 ℃
 Aluminizer  150 ℃
 Degradable Bag  120 ℃

The above data is for reference only, and the specific processing temperature shall be determined according to the actual situation.


Plastic tea pouch sealing machine specification list:

Model DL-6CFR-900
Size 60×35×32cm
Power 500W
Sealing Speed 0-12 m/minute
Sealing Width 6-12mm
Sealing Temp 30-300
Sealing Length Unlimited
Print Quantity ≤39 words
Weight 15kgs

If you have special need, it can be customized according to the needs of customers.


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